Is ESP Real? Understanding the Phenomenon of ESP

Not only is ESP real, it is inherent in all living things and part of everyone’s daily life, whether you are aware of it or not.


Do Love Spells Work? The Truth About Love Spells

Do Love spells work? In most cases, no, love spells do not work. But this doesn’t mean that love spells never work. It simply means that Love is not a matter that a spell can easily intervene in.

Love spells are used to force someone to fall in love with you, but this is not how Love works in the universe, and because of this misunderstanding, love spells oftentimes go awry.

The Persian’s Gold: The Magick of Saffron

Saffron is a powerful aphrodisiac. The Sumerians would often use saffron as an ingredient in love potions. Queen Cleopatra herself lauded the magical powers of saffron, and used it to make her sexual encounters more enjoyable.

The Geisha’s Flower: The Magick of Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom’s energy is that of inspiration, creativity and youth. However, they are also associated with death, mourning, and the spirits of the dead.

They are symbolic of the transient and fleeting nature of life. Just like life, blossoms grow and are gone in a beautiful display that ends much too soon. It’s energy is a delicate balance between life and death, beauty and tragedy, bitter and sweet.

The Fruit of Duality: The Magick of Black Cherries

The mysterious energy and deep purple beauty of black cherries is mesmerizing. They also carry latent and oftentimes overlooked magical powers.

Black Cherries can strengthen psychic power, divination, and intuition. Their energy is that of duality balance. Black cherries are also connected to the energies of longevity and immortality.

The Immortality Fruit: The Magick of Cherry

It’s hard to deny the magick of cherries. They make a delectable and tasty treat and are potent in love and fertility magic.

They are connected to water, air, and Venus, Goddess of Love. Cherry pits can be used for divination, and cherry juice for blood magic.

Learn Witchcraft: A Guide for Beginners

Witchcraft is learning that you are made of, powered by, and emit energy. This energy can be used to interact with the forces of the natural world and the universe.

Witchcraft is simply an evolution of spirituality. It is understanding that as part of the universe you can create change in your reality.

The Fruit of the Divide: The Magic of Elderberry

Elderberry has the power to bridge the divide between the physical and spiritual realm. It is associated with death and the Underworld. Elder twigs were often placed in coffins and buried with loved ones.

Connecting to the Universe

Humans are made of, powered by, and emit energy. This energy, the aura, is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. The intensity and frequency the aura emits is affected by change of emotion, use of muscles (such as during Tai Chi) and state of mind.

How to Cast a Spell: A Guide for Beginners

What is a spell? A spell is universal energy drawn and gathered through use of the aura, then imbued with personal intent and released back into the universe to be absorbed and create change. Personal intent determines the change created.